Monday, April 16, 2018

Seward to Homer, Alaska

After the team flew back home, my traveling buddy and I headed for the town of Homer. This is on the southernmost tip of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The salmon were running. You could see them jumping out of the water all over the place.

Monday, April 09, 2018

Where to cross into Canada in Washington State

I used the Sumas Border station in Washington to enter Canada. The directions on how to get to the Sumas Border crossing from Bellingham were easy. We took Washington 542 off I-5 and followed that to WA-9. It was easy to follow the signs from there. It is important to pay close attention to the signs. This is a rural area. One missed sign and you'll be on country roads where it's easy to panic. We had problems maintaing a good cell phone signal and our GPS was not accurate. I suggest printing a map with turn-by-turn directions before trying to find the Sumas Border crossing.

The border crossing wasn't difficult. I got there a little after 9:00 am. and it took about a half hour to cross. The Canada border patrol agent was professional and courteous. He asked specific questions about what we were hauling and why. I had the vet records and health certificate on my service dog but didn't need them this time. I have before, so don't leave home without them.

Everyone asks me about Cell phone service in Canada. AT&T was suggested to me. This worked only moderately well for my drive to Alaska. I kept my other phone charged to use over wi-fi. It never got a cell phone signal unless it was on wi-fi. I never could figure out what towers AT&T used but it seemed to be the only game in town for U.S. cell phone customers.

The town we came to after crossing the border was Abbotsford, British Columbia. The cell phone worked pretty well there and into Canada for awhile. The map link shows the route I took to drive from Bellingham, Washington to Alaska. It is worth noting that even though new cell phone service in Canada had to be bought, my usual phone was able to ping cell towers enough that Everlance could record the route. Everlance is the mileage tracking software that I use for work. Since the drive to Alaska was a working trip, I kept it running.

This map link is the route that I used to drive from Bellingham to Alaska after crossing the border. Everlance recorded the route accurately (although I don't know how). If I need to cross into Canada from Washington again, I would probably use the same route.