Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Product Review: The new Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum

I realize this is not travel related, but I could not resist sharing with you information on a product that actually does what the manufacturer claims it will do.  We have a dog, we have a dog that sheds year-round.  The vacuum we have been using for two years picked up the dog hair fairly well, but the ‘cup’ had to be emptied frequently since it was so small.  We kept our eyes open for something better.

Another issue was it was hard to push on our thick area rugs.  It only had one height adjustment and pushing that light-weight vac was difficult even for my husband.  He has done all the vacuuming for years.  
Bissell Pet Hair Vacuum
A short time ago I saw the commercial for the Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum and thought, ”Sure, another claim that probably isn’t true.”  But then I thought about it, Bissell has been around a long time.  I watched the commercial a few more times and decided to buy the machine.  I wanted to make cleaning easier for my husband.

I ordered it from Amazon and it arrived a day and a half later.  We put it together quiet easily.  Once is was test-run-ready my husband used it on two kitchen rugs that had been vacuumed the day prior.  It was amazing how much dog hair it picked up.  They claim it will pick up hair that is deep in the carpet and it sure did.

Next the big test – how easily would it work on the higher area rugs….off to the living room and my husband made a few passes with a smile on his face.  I declared it was my turn and it was like a dream – it was so each to maneuver and it was picking up dog hair like crazy!

Now that I can push the vacuum so easily I guess it will be my turn to use it and give my husband a break!  Well, that sounds good but he does like to vacuum so I’ll let him do it a while longer.

Whether you have pets or not, I would highly recommend this, but if you have a dog or two (or cats) that shed, then you really need this machine!  I bought mine from Amazon (Prime/free shipping).  It was the lowest price I could find.

Remember:   Bissell 1650A Pet Hair Eraser Vacuum, Ruby recommends it!


Photos are mine.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The best time to head to the South Carolina Coast is May!

Yes, it is technically still chilly or cold in some parts of the country, but the Low Country of South Carolina is warming up nicely.  If you take a late spring vacation you can enjoy the same lodgings and restaurants you would enjoy in the summer, but they will be less crowded.

It isn’t easy for families with kids to just take off for a vacation during the school season.  But us ‘retired folk’ can come and go as we please.  If you are one of ‘us’ then look into a trip to the beautiful Low Country, enjoy the smell of salt water. 

Do you like fresh shrimp right out of the water?  If you do, then you will be happy to know that this area has two separate shrimp seasons.  The first is May through August, and the second is September through December.  The first season produces smaller brown shrimp while the second season has those big white shrimp.  Either kind of shrimp is fine with me and the bigger the better!

Shrimp boats are in at Gay's !

You might buy yourself some local shrimp from Gay’s (Gay Fish Company) or White’s (White Fish Company).  We have purchased shrimp from both locations and would recommend either.  If you get to Gay’s when the boats are heading in for the day it is a site to see!

Huge shrimp burgers!!!

If you are hungry for a Low Country treat – stop in at the Shrimp Shack across the road for a shrimp burger the size of a baseball – seriously!

The newer Dockside on Lady's Island

Cook your own seafood or would you rather have someone else cook your shrimp?  There are wonderful restaurants in the Low County including Dockside (either location).  Dockside on Lady’s Island gives you great seafood while looking out at the Beaufort River.  The other location is in Port Royal and if you sit by the windows near the water you will see the shrimp boats up close.

Just one of many crabs my husband caught in South Carolina!

We normally stayed in a rental on water with a dock so that my husband could do his own crabbing.  He’s a crab lover and would spend hours on end at the dock with his check legs and crab traps!  One year we stayed on St. Helena Island and he caught 160 crabs and that doesn’t include the small ones he threw back.  The dock was 650 feet long so it was quite a workout just getting back and forth in the hot South Carolina sun.

Whether you stay in a rental cottage, a B&B or a motel – any time any place in Beaufort is a good time.

Ruby is waiting to see how many crabs are in the trap!

Photos belong to AbbyG


Wednesday, March 08, 2017

Fishy, Fishy on a Hook

Fishing is a very popular sport no matter where you live.  We are not into big time fishing but we do have a small time pond that we enjoy.  When we bought this house the pond was stocked and we added a few more.  We are catch and release so none of our pond fish will wind up on the dinner table.  We bought some very small catfish that have now grown into decent size fish and they are fun to catch.

I caught this 3-pounder in our pond!

If you know someone who is a ‘real fisherman’ then you know they prefer to catch some big fish that they can brag about.  Living in Tennessee we don’t have access to ocean fishing but we do have some wonderful lakes and rivers that can keep any fisherman happy hour after hour. In order to do any serious fishing, you really need a few things:  a boat, equipment and an idea where the fish are!  Really, those pesky fish are not just hanging round shore waiting for your bait.  If you really want to catch some fish, you need a professional fishing guide.

Living just a few miles from the meandering Tennessee River you see fishing boats being towed to and from there daily, nice weather or rain, the fishermen are on the hunt.  If you need a little help in bring in a big one, maybe you need to consider someone like Steve Baker of Bakers Outdoors

If you want a professional fishing guide in Tennessee they operate March through May.  January and February they fish the Florida waters.  Steve is a new neighbor of ours.  We knew he liked to fish since he has a boat.  We didn’t realize until recently that he is a fishing guide and with his knowledge and experience you or anyone else can land that big mouth bass on the Tennessee River.

If you really want to catch ‘the big one’ check out Steve’s website here….he may be just the guy you need to lead you to that big prized fish!  A day on the water fishing is always a good day, or so they say!

Photos belong to AbbyG