Thursday, April 25, 2019

Free or cheap places to stay in your van or RV live stream

This video is some of my best tips for finding cheap or free places to stay in your van or RV. I'm only able to travel so often by finding cheap places to spend the night. This lets me put more of my budget toward finding those great things to do on a road trip. A lot of us are familiar with parking overnight at truck stops and we've probably seen people ask if they can spend the night at Walmart when we've been shopping. But finding Free or cheap places to stay in your van or RV live stream goes way beyond that.

It's how to stay for free on BLM land, national forests and national grasslands. The possibilities are endless once you have an idea of where to look. The link above goes to a YouTube livestream where I gave my best tips. I hope the video will help you save money too.

Happy traveling! Always, #BeBodacious and don't let life get in the way of living.

You may also enjoy watching my video on Hilltop Fruit Market: Home of Candyland U.S.A. It's one of those fun things to do on a road trip that you might not expect.

Monday, April 22, 2019

Shopping at Hilltop Fruit Market: Candyland U.S.A. in Maryland

Shopping at the Hilltop Fruit Market (Candyland U.S.A.) was a fun if unexpected part of last trip to New York. I always take advantage of information at rest areas anytime we are on the road. This time, we were traveling because of a funeral and had limited time for stops. I explained to the travel representative at the Maryland Welcome Center that we hoped to do something quick and fun, she suggested Grantsville, Maryland was suggested without hesitation.

The tourism rep pointed out that it paralleled the interstate and has easy access both on off. We wouldn't lose any travel time other than a lower speed limit. Of the several things to do in Grantsville, Maryland that she suggested it was the Hilltop Fruit Market that caught our attention.

The products at Hilltop Fruit Market go way beyond good quality produce. This is the home of Candyland U.S.A. Buckets of almost every old fashion candy that I remember from childhood were spread out on the table. Select one piece or a bucket. It really reminded me of a larger version of what was available at the old Whiteway Five and Dime that I grew up with.

Hilltop Fruit Market also has local products galore. Jams, jellies, relishes and other items are neatly arranged on rows of shelves. Mixed nuts and other local products are prominent.

Although it was a short stop, it was fun. I'm looking forward to visiting again if we're ever near Grantsville, Maryland. Take I-68 East at Exit 19. Go through town to get the Hilltop Fruit Market. It will be on your left. There is plenty of parking lot both beside and in front of the store.

We passed Casselman River Bridge State Park on the way there. The historic bridge was used in the early 1800s. It was the longest single span stone arch in the U.S. when it was built. The state park is open from 8:00am to sunset. Stopping to explore was out because of the rain, but it's on my list of things to do in Grantsville on the next trip.

Another bridge that we saw on our trip to New York was the famous Verrazzano Narrows bridge. You may want to read about it here.

Check out my Instagram video on Hilltop Fruit Market to see what a cute place it is.They don't refer to it as the Home of Candyland U.S.A. for nothing!

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Driving Across the Verrazano Narrows Bridge out of NYC on I-278

We shot this footage of the Verrazzano -Narrows Bridge as we left New York City on Saturday. It was a little too foggy to see the city, but does contain some pretty interesting facts about the bridge. The Verrazzano- Narrows bridge connects Fort Hamilton in Brooklyn with Fort Wadsworth in Staten Island.

 The highway going across the bridge is I-278, which connects the BQE (Brookly-Queens Expressway) and the Staten Island Expressway. If you're heading eastbound, the Belt Parkway Exit is immediately at the end of the bridge. Don't miss it or you'll spend an hour circling NYC to get back to the Verrazano.

The bridge has seven lanes on the upper deck and six on the lower. The upper deck yields breathaking views on cloudless days. The advantage of the lower level is that it offers more protection from the natural elements of storms, snows and foggy days.

Right now, the Verrazzano - Narrows Bridge has the highest tolls in the nation. It's $19 for a car. NYC does cut residents a break with the EZ-Pass Program. You can find out the details on that from the Metropolitan Tranportation Authority website. Don't worry about carrying cash on the bridge. NYC has made it easy. Your licenese plate is photographed on the westbound side of the bridge. Your "souvenir" will arrive in the mail in a few days with instructions on where to send the toll.

So, if you noticed the two spellings of Verrazzano on the page here don't get confused. The bridge was named for an explorer whose name was misspelled for decades before some bright boy or girl caught on. In October 2017, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed legislation to fix that problem. The signs for the Verrazzano will be updated through the regular maintanence program. Soon, they will each have the ZZ found in the corrected spelling.

Thank goodness for modern day spell check. But, don't give the designers too much grief. The Verrazzano-Narrows bridge was built in the late 1960s and spell check didn't come across until much later. Just be glad it did.