Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Top Green Spaces and National Parks Around Washington, D.C.

When I visit the D.C. area, the last thing on my mind are the green spaces and national parks around Washington. My mind is on the monuments, sightseeing and shopping at the museums. It's a big change from the Appalachian Mountains that surround my home. For me, the trip Washington, D.C., is a break in my routine that lets me recharge.

My daughter, like other nature fans, will be glad to know that there are green spaces and national parks around Washington, D.C. Admission and amenities can and do change without notice. Double check before arriving at these or any parks. All parks on this list are either in the city itself or close by.

Rock Creek Park
5200 Glover Road NW
Washington, DC 20015

Free admission

Monday, November 10, 2014

Do I need travel insurance

The question has been asked again. Do I need travel insurance? My answer is both yes and no. Travel insurance reduces the financial risk that you take when traveling. Trip interruption insurance reimbursed me for unexpected hotel nights and meals when a breakdown stranded three states from home. I thought of AAA for towing or trip arrangements. An interruption policy never crossed my mind until I was stuck.

To potentially avoid an insurance issue like the million dollar baby, check medical and all other insurance policies before leaving home. Call your agent and read all of the fine print.

Big trips like Walt Disney World, cruises and international vacations almost always demand trip  insurance. Major storms, lost baggage, unexpected illness and mechanical breakdowns are always good reasons to consider buying a policy.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

How to Find Tennessee Tourism Information Online and Locally

Are you planning to travel or relocate? This article puts Tennessee tourism information at your fingertips. A general destination idea is all that you need to get started. From there, finding tourism information is as easy as clicking a mouse.

The primary source for tourism information from across the state is the Tennessee Department of Tourist Development. From TN Vacation.com, visitors can order brochures, surf for information or get a toll-free number to call for help. This should be your "first stop shop" for travel and tourism information.

Another good source for vacation or tourism information is the state parks section of Tennessee.gov. One visit here and it is easy to see why these parks were named 'Best in the Nation'. Get information, directions or reserve a campsite or pavilion.

Don't forget Chambers of Commerce for tourism information. They can provide maps,

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Christmas tree shops in Knoxville

The holidays are upon us. This means it's time to find Christmas tree shops in Knoxville and surrounding areas. We often think of Home Depot, Wal-Mart and other big box stores when we think of places to buy Christmas trees.

Mayo Garden Center will have Christmas Trees available after November 20, 2014. View the  website for locations and hours.

The Pool Place Knoxville is a seasonal shop where you can get all sorts of Christmas related items. They are at 8100 Kingston Pike. www.christmastimeatthepoolplace.com has directions and hours.

Don't overlook the Market Square Holiday Market for unique holiday items. The shopping is available on Saturdays in December before Christmas. www.marketsquarefarmersmarket.org/events.

Looking to support charity with your shopping dollars?

Purchase a Christmas Tree from the Fantasy of Trees in Knoxville and you will be helping the East Tennessee Children's Hospital. Christmas trees and decorations are for sale and there are lots of activities for children. Check online for this year's dates.

 KARM has a store that is designated for the holidays.