Saturday, August 29, 2015

Teslin, Yukon and Nisultin Bay Bridge

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A cold rain was falling on Village of Teslin, Yukon when we pulled up to this overlook. I hopped out to take photos but didn't stay long. It was cold in Teslin, but that was okay. A little rain and wind wasn't going to keep me from getting photos of the Nisultin Bay Bridge and the Village of Teslin. No way!

This is an engineering wonder. Nisutlin Bay Bridge is the third one to span the bay. Not only is it pretty but at 1,917 feet, this Yukon wonder is the longest bridge on the Alaska Highway.

Swirling rain made the warm van sound better every minute. Before leaving I paused to pull my jacket tight and think of all the gutsy people who put those steel beams together in the harsh Yukon winter. No way could I do that! The world needs heroes and to me, these workers qualify. My hat tips to each one.

I took a minute to gaze at the view before heading to the Village of Teslin. The tundra spreading before us holds the 5,480 ha Nisultin River Delta National Wildlife Area and the largest freshwater delta in Yukon. How neat is that?

Next we drove down the mountain, across the bridge and into the Village of Teslin. We soon found the Nisultin Trading Post. If you need gas or groceries, then this is the place to stop. They even have an 8 room hotel. Need I mention that it's a great place to get a free cup of coffee?

You will want to stop here if you drive the Alaska Highway through Yukon. The Village of Teslin is at Mile 804 on the Alaska Highway. The overlook is about  8-10 miles before that mark (if you're coming from the south). There is a large parking area and a vault toilet.

There is an RV park, campground, the store and gas station and museums in town. It's about two hours from Whitehorse and over three hours from Watson Lake. This road trip break put us 3,578 miles from home, but we still had a long way to travel. Our next planned stop was the Old Log Church in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Friday, August 28, 2015

Blog celebration begins Tuesday, Sept 1

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Receiving 600,000 page views is a big deal for this travel blog. We want to celebrate by having a few giveaways beginning on September 1, 2015. Look for mugs, some fun travel-related items.

Before we get started there are some ground rules that we have to follow such as...

1. You must be 18 or older.
2. U.S. citizens only.
3. You are responsible for any taxes.
4. Decisions of the judges is final.
5. You agree to post a photo of your item within two weeks of receiving it with yourself in the photo if possible. You also agree to let me post the on You've Been Reviewed.
6. Item may take 2-6 weeks to receive.
7. We will use the address that you provide and cannot be responsible for late, lost or misdirected mail.
8. You and your heirs agree to indemnify and hold harmless You've Been Reviewed and any writers associated with the blog for anything that might arise from receipt or usage of your prize.
9. We are not affiliated with any 3rd party companies associated with the prizes.
10. Writers of You've Been Reviewed and family members (spouse, parent, child) are not eligible.
11. Giveaway for each item will run for the specified time mentioned in the post for that item.
12. If by some odd chance the promised item is unavailable, then the right is reserved to substitute that item for one of equal or greater value.
13. No purchase necessary. (I probably have to add that for some reason.)

These giveaways will be lots of fun. Be sure to check in on September 1, to find out what the first  item will be. :-)

See you online!


Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It is County Fair Time in Meigs County, Tennessee

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The Meigs County Fair is quickly approaching.  The gates open at 5:00 pm, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday – September 9th, 10th and 11th and on Saturday September 12th the gates open at 3:00 pm.    
Welcome to the Fair!

If you plan to attend the Meigs County Fair you will be pleased to know that there is no admission fee.  If you want the little ones to go on the rides you will have to buy tickets at the booth near the rides.

The Fair Grounds in Meigs County are located near the Meigs County Elementary School in Decatur.  There will be signs on Hwy. 58 in Decatur indicating where to turn.  Decatur isn’t very big so you can’t miss it!

Last year my husband and I both had entries in the canning venue.  I also entered 6 photographs.  I didn’t win a prize for the photos but two of them did make it to the display board.  It was a lot of fun looking at all the photos and we have some talented photographers in our little county.  My photo of Miss Ruby in her floatie made it to the board!

My husband, at my urging, entered a quart of his famous pickled green tomatoes.  I entered a pint of my not so famous stewed tomatoes.  It was a quick process to get the items entered which was good because it was very hot that day.

The following day we went as soon as the fair opened to see if we had won.  My husband almost fell over when we spotted his pickled green tomatoes with a first place blue ribbon!  I was also jumping for joy when I realized my stewed tomatoes won a second place and the jar was sporting a red ribbon.

Pickled Green 'Maters!

It was very exciting for a former city girl to win a ribbon at a county fair!  I was so excited I didn’t realize we were to pick up our checks the day we picked up our items.  We had to go hunting for them weeks later. 

Last year it was very hot and humid during the Fair, be prepared for that.  Dress in cool clothing and be sure to stay hydrated.  Check out all the winning entries and other festivities!  Enjoy yourself at the Meigs County Fair.  Maybe we’ll see you there!

Photos belong to AbbyG