Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Driving from Homer, Alaska to Anchorage and on to Willow

The next segment was to drive from Homer to Willow, Alaska. As wonderful as Homer was, we still had work to do and that included church in Willow the next morning. Finding a place to stay was problematic. Nancy Lake and other campgrounds were full. We we ended up spending the night in a convenience store just over the hill from where we needed to be. The clerk said that he was happy to allow us to do that since we had asked first.

The drive from Homer to Willow was fairly straightforward. We tracked back along the Kenai Peninsula from Homer to Anchorage. Willow is less than an hour from Anchorage. Like every other part of the drive, once in Alaska all roads are paved.

Here's the map link for the route below. This is the link from the previous post from Seward to Homer.

We didn't find a shortage of services available on the drive from Homer to Anchorage or from Anchorage to Willow. Gas was available in the small towns on the route. The map link shows the small towns that were on the route. To the best of my remembrance, gas and food were available at all the stops. Although the map indicates six hours from Homer to Willow, we actually drove it in eight including gas and food breaks.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Our drive to Homer, Alaska from Seward on the Kenai Peninsula

We decided to drive to Homer, Alaska from Seward since we had an extra day after our time at the mission site. It took us about five hours to make the drive. The map indicates only 3.5 hours from Seward to Homer. That's straight driving time. It doesn't include stopping at a riverside parking for bear watching, or stopping to see a bald eagle in a tree. Plus, there may be lunch or shopping involved.

Here's the route that we took. In addition to the above, we stopped at the Walgreen's in Soldotna and picked up some inexpensive Alaska souvenirs. Next, we headed up to Willow, Alaska.

This is the link for the blog post on going from Tok, to Seward.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Seward to Homer, Alaska

After the team flew back home, my traveling buddy and I headed for the town of Homer. This is on the southernmost tip of the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska. The salmon were running. You could see them jumping out of the water all over the place.