Thursday, June 19, 2008

We have made it to our new home

We are now officially at our new home and have already started the unpacking process. Everyone that we have met from the church has been very nice. The houses are a little closer than we've been used to but the neighborhood seems to be very quiet. I have an early hunch that we are going to enjoy living here.

I tell you what though, the guys from Gouffon Moving and Storage have been worth their weight in gold! They arrived promptly to load the truck and just as promptly to unload it. They are polite, friendly, and have gone the extra mile. They even unpacked the beds and set them up for us. Hiring the moving company has definitely taken the pressure off of getting settled in our new home.

For our next move, we'll have to use them again! Now, please forgive me. I'm off to continue with the unpacking. Left to their own devices who knows where my family members will put anything.

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