Sunday, July 27, 2008

Tomlin's Doing Well, Life's Chaotic

Good news! Tomlin is doing very well. He's STILL not 100% but he's almost there. It's been a very hard week. I've fallen behind on just about everything and the stress is beginning to show. To try to keep him safer he's spent the entire week going with me. It's been challenging.

We've found a way to tie him to the car when I've gone in to a fast food restaurant for a quick bite to eat. He seems to love to watch the people going in and out! We've always been sure to sit where I can watch him. He especially loved McKay's Bookstore. We sat on the bench outside while Allie took some books in for me. Nearly everyone who went by commented on what a great dog he is!

It will be good when he can stay at home more. I don't know when I'll be able to trust him to be ok there though. We're looking into crating him again. But I don't know. I worry that he'll become sickened again if he's outside much and I worry if he's not. This is new territory for me. It's uncharted and very stressful.

But, I love him, need him to be able to help and can't think of any other way I'd handle the situation.

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