Sunday, November 30, 2008

Knoxville Christmas in the City Celebration of Lights by Regal

In our quest to connect as a family this Christmas we attended the Regal Celebration of Lights on Market Square in downtown Knoxville. We had an absolute blast! Everyone there was in the mood to have family fun.

Since many of the events were free it was a budget friendly outing. Mayfield Dairy gave out free Egg Nog and Snow Cream Popsicles. I was surprised to find out how much the popsicles taste like real snow cream. Now you can have this tasty treat without waiting for a snow storm. That's so neat!

Another neat thing that happened was the marshmallow roast. Who but the firefighters of Knoxville could execute a marshmallow roast on Market Square mall? That was too much fun!

The entire evening was a blast. I wish we could have stayed longer. The Christmas tree that was lighted is beautiful. The Regal Celebration of Lights featured live music, lot of neat craft vendors and plenty of activities for every age. Of course, there's all the terrific shopping on Market Square mall too. No visit to downtown is complete without taking at least a peek into the great shops that are there all year.
If you are looking for inexpensive family fun this Christmas like we were check out the City's website. The calendar is filled with an array of activities to fit any taste or budget. The website is

Click here for the website of Market Square Mall District Association.

I hear there's a parade on Friday night. We might have to check that out too...

Click the Associated Content in the header for a slideshow of the Regal Celebration of Lights in Knoxville.

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