Saturday, December 27, 2008

2009 New Year Resolution is a Quest for Family and Self

Next week we ring in 2009. This was a fast year. I feel the sand dropping in the hourglass and feel the pull of time. Maybe that is fueling my New Year resolution. This year, I have decided to discover the stories of my families. Both of my parents are deceased. Discovering my family will be a quest, a possibly lifelong journey.

My mother sprung from deep southern roots in small town Georgia. My father came from the hearty of stock of Italian immigrants. They fell in love while working on the Saturn IV at Red Stone Arsenal. I am the product of both cultures, vastly different and at times strikingly similar. I am the double namesake of my Italian grandmother and the great-aunt of my mother - a favored lady who lived at the spring of what is now Red Clay National Park.

The sands of time threaten to claim the stories of both sides of my family. This new year, my change that. In the end I hope to have a chronology of stories that will pay tribute to the deceased and honor the future. Where the quest will take me I do not know. I know only that I must go.

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