Thursday, December 04, 2008

Top Tips for Budget Christmas Tree Decorating

My list of top tips for budget Christmas tree decorating came from personal experience.

In Christmas of 2000, Hubby and I discovered that most of our Christmas tree decorations had been destroyed during our move a few months earlier. Our Christmas budget was very tight. We simply had no money to replace any of the pile of Christmas tree decorations that were piled in front of us.. Distressed doesn't begin to cover how we felt. It was a challenge to come up with a way to decorate the tree without spending anything but we did it!

Our budget Christmas tree turned into the prettiest we've ever had!. We used candy canes, sugar cookies and lots of homemade items from things we had around the house.

For more on how we did it read this article on Budget Christmas Tree Decorating that I wrote for Associated Content.

Here's a couple of other websites for more ideas:
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