Sunday, December 07, 2008

How to Find Help from Nonprofit Charity Agencies at Christmas

Where do you find help from nonprofit charity agencies at Christmas? Because more people are needing help I'm getting asked this question almost every day. There is not a "one stop" agency. Everyone seems to handle a different piece of the pie. The maze can be confusing.

Below is a great article I wrote for Associated Content. Even if you don't need help I would encourage you to read the article. The experience of what people to through to get help is eye-opening. Most people are under the impression that it is easy to get help. This article shows that is clearly not the case. The system is full of road blocks, challenges and justifications. It leads to confusion, sleepless nights and many tears of frustration.

Realistically, by now, most of the deadlines for Christmas help have passed. People in need may not be able to get and for some children there will be no Santa Clause.

Please understand, no one plans to need help. Asking is a tough job for the average person. The many hoops you must go through to get help can be frustrating roadblocks. Read the article linked above and you will see what I mean. There are comments below the article. Feel free to leave one and read the others.

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