Thursday, December 18, 2008

How to Tips for Raising Good Kids in Bad Times

This is one of the most popular pieces that I have ever written for Associated Content. Everyone wants to learn how to raise good kids. Both of my daughters have battled lifelong chronic health issues. My oldest has epilepsy and was told by her doctor here that he couldn't recommend going away to school. She went on to earn a full four year scholarship to Berea College in Kentucky. Now she's a junior, is on the band staff, volunteers on and off campus and is doing well.

The health issues of my younger daughter to be homeschooled during her middle school years. She became well enough to attend public hospital. There were rocky moments and times when her teachers didn't understand her conditions. Despite the obstacles the managed to graduate at #11 in her high school class in May 2008. She also volunteers both on and off campus and holds down a part-time job.

So how do you raise good kids in a troubled world?

You teach them to think. As a parent, you do everything you can to make them feel valued.

You read my article on How to Raise Good Kids in a Troubled World by clicking the Associated Content link on the right.

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