Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year Greeting Messages 2009 Handmade Cards

New Year greeting messages may be the best way to say hello to friends and family. Most people are coming off of the rush of Christmas by New Year's Day. For some people, the post-holiday blues are already beginning to set in. Receiving a New Year greeting might be the perfect thing to make someone's day.

A few weeks ago I wrote an article on making handmade cards for New Years day. There is a slideshow that shows everything you need to make the handmade cards.(Click on the Associated Content link above or use the widget on the right.) I got my daughters involved in making the homemade cards and we had a blast!

The New Year greeting cards didn't cost much to make. But, I always look forward to spending time with the kids. For these handmade cards we used the card stock,envelopes and supplies that we already had. Other supplies can be picked up at crafts stores as can sets of blank envelopes.

Try it. Your family might like to send and create New Year greeting messages and making handmade cards too.

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