Thursday, December 11, 2008

Sonic in Jefferson City, TN

Happy Hour at Sonic? Yes, and I love it! This is one of my favorite fast-food restaurants. Besides Frito Pies and Diet Cherry Limeade they offer burgers, hot dogs, popcorn chicken and more.

Stopping in brings back good memories. When my daughters were small we would sometimes head to the Sonic right after school. I'd get them each a small slush and we'd chat about what they did at school. They were in Kindergarden and Second Grade at the time. It's surprising how much kids that age can find to talk about. It was good bonding time. To this day they both love going to Sonic. It's just a nostalgic kind of place with friendly servers on roller blades and peppy oldies music.

I could solve all of their problems with a kiss and a Sonic slushee. They girls are both in college now. Their problems aren't so easy to solve. At least I can still go to Sonic, close my eyes and pretend there's giggly laughter coming from the back seat. Ahh... when times were simple.

A few weeks ago I did a review on the Sonic in Jefferson City. If it's not on the list to the right you can click the Associated Content link up above and scroll through the list for it. While you're reading you might find something else that catches your eye. If you do let me know. You can always leave a comment on this post or on the articles on Associated Content.

Enjoy the review. If you want to learn more about Sonic, here's their link too: Check it out here!

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