Tuesday, January 13, 2009

EEG Positive for Epilepsy. Now on Keppera

Update: 11/2/2015 I had some side effects that kept me from traveling and doing what I wanted to do. I am taking something else and am doing much better. Many thanks to everyone for your support. You are invaluable and I appreciate every step you take with me on this journey.


Well, the wait is over. Today, was the date for the followup for the neurologist consultation. A couple of years ago the GP I was seeing took me off of the Dilantin that I'd been on for a few years and did not put me on a replacement medicine. His suspicion was that I didn't need the meds. Things started going downhill for me as far as concentration and a few other things.

Well, today, we found out he was wrong. Turn out, I do need to be on an anti-convulsant (just like the other doctors said).

After our move I needed to change doctors. The new one wanted me to follow up with the neurologist. The new specialist reviewed my records and ordered a sleep deprived EEG. I had to stay up all night and had the test done at 2:30 pm. the following day. Was I ever worn out!

Tuesday, we got the results. They were positive. Apparently, I had a small seizure on the EEG and my brain waves were weird. (My kids say the brain waves were no surprise.)

So now, I'm being put on Keppera. I've not found out how much this is going to cost yet. If you've had experience with the medication let me know. It's a newer drug so I could use the encouragement.

Fortunately, Epilepsy isn't usually a deadly disease. It's manageable with medication. That's pretty reassuring.

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