Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My Geneaology Quest Begins.

Here goes the genealogy quest to discover my family. After digging through various papers that belonged to my mother I found buried treasure. It was in the form of a yellowed piece of paper. Written on it are the names, birth dates and birth location of my fathers siblings and also the birth dates of my paternal grandparents.

I was always told that my grandparents immigrated from Naples. This morning, a search through the Ellis Island.Org showed me that may not be true. With trembling fingers I found what is potentially a copy of the original ship manifest of the ship which carried my grandfather from Italy to New York. He sailed from Naples but the manifest lists a different city of origin.

Is the manifest accurate or was the family myth debunked? What other information shall I find? Will it lead to more questions or will I find answers?

The search is off to an exciting beginning. I wonder where the genealogy quest will take me and what I'll discover along the way?

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