Sunday, February 01, 2009

Daughter Joins Caryville UMC

This morning is a special one. My daughter joins Caryville UMC today. It's an exciting morning.

Hubby is the appointed pastor of two United Methodist Churches. The larger one is in Jacksboro. Caryville is drawfed by Jacksboro but is made up of very strong believers. This quiet strength has spoken to my daughter. In turn, the church has embraced her in a way that no other church has. They have offered a very solid environment and my daughter in turn promises to support them with her prayers, presence, gifts and service.

Our kids do not always join the churches that Hubby serves. In fact, this daughter did not join the last church. She said she never felt quite comfortable there and we respected her decision.

Which makes this morning all the more sweet!

See you when my daughter joins Caryville UMC this morning. I'd better get moving!

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