Friday, February 27, 2009

Frugal Living: What's Lent got to do with it?

What does Lent have to do with frugal living? For Christians, it can give us an added incentive to get started. Lent is the Christian season of self-denial where we deny ourselves something in dedication to God.

Why can't Lent be used as a springboard to develop habits that lead to lifetime changes?

For my household, we are going to be giving up extra trips that are made just to eat out. For our lifetsyle this is going to be hard. There are times when we have to eat-out because of work obligations or meetings. At those times, we're going to make it a point to select from the lower priced menu options, forgo appetizers and drink water (with one exception).

The other night, my husband and I had a late meeting because of work. Being over an hour away from home meant that we had to eat out. Ordering water saved us almost $5.00.

Now that it is Lent we're going to be ordering water a lot more and cutting back on eating out in other ways. Our plans are for it to become a lifelong habit. It's a good thing that it is Lent. We'll need that "divine intervention" to help us get started.

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