Wednesday, March 04, 2009

AAA Membership. What a Value. Stretch your budget here!

Part of our preparation plans for the Alaska trip included renewing our AAA membership. What a value! Not only do you get the great roadside assistance that they are famous for but there's a lot of value added options these days.

The agents were super. We left loaded down with information about driving to Alaska. But, they also gave us Food City coupons and a brochure that lists several places where we can get a AAA discount.

Hubby loves Rockport Shoes. With a 40% coupon from AAA you can bet we'll be going there this month. You can also get 20% off at Pay Less shoes. Movie tickets and theme park entrances are also less expensive at AAA.

How's that for frugal living?

Besides peace of mind the AAA membership is a great value. You can definitely stretch your budget here!

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