Thursday, March 26, 2009

Alaska Backpackers Inn Mission Trip

Our Alaska mission trip is getting closer by the day. Today, I made reservations for my daughter and myself to stay at the Alaska Backpackers Inn.

The photos that are online look great. Plus, they have internet access, a kitchen and more.

We are viewing this as the "Mother-Daughter Trip of a Lifetime". I certainly can't wait. It will be good to drive to Alaksa and see that area of the country. I am looking forward to the time we'll spend together and in learning new skills.

When we arrive at our destination we are going to be doing something new. My daughter and I are going to be part of a team that will install insulation and windows in a parsonage. This is all new to me and I'm excited.

Don't worry though. We have a contractor that's going along on the trip. He'll make sure that we do everything right. We'll have to. All of our work is going to be inspected and must be up to codes.

I can't wait!

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