Thursday, March 05, 2009

Driving to Alaska for the Missions Trip

Ok. John (aka Hubby) is convinced that I have lost it - again. I'm researching the drive to Alaska. We'll be going through Minnesota, to Winnipeg and across to Edmonton and then finally to Willow, Alaska. It's just Allie and myself on the way up.

We discussed taking Tomlin but nixed the idea. He likes traveling but there's something about sharing a PT Cruiser with an 80 pound dog for a few thousand miles through uncertain terrain. So, he'll be at home being spoiled silly by Sam and John.

Get this? Part of the road to Alaska is apparently unpaved. How's that for different?

One wonders if it will be like living in North Carolina all over again? I have memories of my daughter's high school band doing an entire parade route on an unpaved road. Come to think of it, this is the same daughter that is going to Alaska with me. Hmmmm. Is there a connection here?

Keep checking out the blog for updates. June can't come too soon. See you in Alaska!

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