Saturday, March 28, 2009

Honest Internet Work Paid Off a Credit Card Bill Loan Debt

Many people know that I do freelance internet writing to supplement my income. This has been a help to me. In the past, I've done things like wait tables, deliver pizza and hold yard sales. Those are great ways to earn money. But, I also have health issues which makes it hard to keep a full time job and I like to volunteer.

After much searching, I found some places online that offer legitimate ways to make money. One is via eBay. The other ways are all freelance writing opportunities.

Granted, these jobs are not high-paying. But it all adds up. For the past few months I have been able to average about $200-$300 per month by writing online. There are no extra expenses for gasoline or meals out. I just use the internet connection that my family already has.

Check out my Associated Content article to learn more about how to make money on the internet. It lists the companies used and tells about each one.

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