Thursday, March 26, 2009

How to FInd Service Dog and Pet Friendly Motels

My daughter has a service dog. His name is Tomlin. Traveling with him is a treat. But we have run across times when we've had problems finding a motel. Desk clerks (and some franchise owners) see a dog and automatically think "pet". No amount of convincing will work.

Once, we were in a motel in Morristown, TN. The owner there said our dog could stay with us if we provided a prescription from our doctor stating the need for the service dog. He also asked that we provide papers stating that the dog is a service animal and had been duly trained. It's too bad that he did that. We needed a 3 night stay and took our business elsewhere. Not only that, but they lost business from friends and relatives who wanted to visit the area.

Thankfully, the tide is turning and dogs are being welcomed more often. Some places do ask for a fee. Often, we're finding that the fee is waived once they see that our dog is a service animal. Usually, once glance at the harness is all it takes.

To help others find pet friendly hotels for their service dog or pet I've written the following article. It's on Associated Content. Besides traveling with our service dog we've got two other dogs that are pets. When they were younger, they got to vacation with us occasionally too.
Sam & her pet Twix at the Grand Canyon.

I hope you enjoy the article on how to find service dog and pet friendly motels. If you have another suggestions please do post them in the comments.

Allie's helpful sidekick Tomlin in his "play" harness.

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