Friday, March 20, 2009

Restaurant Health Scores

Restaurant health scores are something I try to post in each restaurant review. I think that it is an important aspect of the review. A high score generally indicates that the crew can work together on an ongoing basis to get things done. A low score can be a sign that there are problems within the restaurant. The health department considers anything below a 70 to be unsanitary.

Lately, there seems to be an abundance of restaurants with low scores. You can check these out for yourself on the state of Tennessee website. The url is

All you do is input the city, state and restaurant name. The information on the how the restaurants are scored is online. When the report comes up the full inspection form is available with indicators on how many points were taken off for which infraction.

This gives you the information you need to decide where, and if, you would like to eat out. When considering where to go sometimes it's nice to look at the restaurant health scores.

Happy dining!

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