Thursday, March 19, 2009

Save Money by Camping?

We've heard that you can save money by camping instead of staying in a motel. While researching options for the Alaska trip we've also found out another thing. You can go places with if you have an RV or tent that you can't go with just a car. In some areas, there may be no place to spend the night.

Today, Hubby and I went to Tennessee RV. The sales rep we talked with was very nice. He answered our questions about pop-up campers but didn't share a lot of extra knowledge. Still, it helped us to make a more informed decision.

We decided not to purchase a camper right now. Our little car won't pull anything but the tiniest model. For that, I think I'd just as soon have a tent. We'll see if driving to Alaska changes my mind.

jAs for costs, it does seem that we can save money by camping. But only if we don't have to replace a transmission that's damaged by pulling more than the car was designed to pull.

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