Sunday, March 15, 2009

Where to Find Dining Out Coupons to Save Money

Where to get dining out coupons to save money? This is a question that people have been asking me. The answer is that they are almost everywhere - if you know where to look.

School Coupon Books - Many restaurants offer good values for dining out. Using these coupons will save you money and help the schools. If you didn't purchase one this year plan now to pick one up next year. These are available from Knox County schools in October.

Restaurant websites - Before dining out check out the website of the restaurant you are going to try. Some have coupons online or post special offers.

Newspaper - Sometimes restaurants will run coupons in the newspaper. There is no set day. You will have to keep watch. If you don't take the newspaper a friend or relative might. Ask around.

Restaurant.Com - Buy a coupon here for a fraction of the face value.

Where are other places to find coupons? Leave a comment and tell others.

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