Monday, April 20, 2009

DNA Dog Breed Testing Says that Tomlin is....

Finally our wait is over. Through dog breed DNA testing we now know what kind of dog we’ve got. It turns out that Tomlin is not a Norwegian Elkhound, Australian Shepherd, Malamute or a German Shepherd mix. In fact he’s not a shepherd of any kind.

He’s a Siberian Husky mixed with Chow Chow, Golden Retriever and a couple of other breeds.
Having this information is a relief to us. If he was in fact an Australian Shepherd we were going to have to possibly re-home him to another family. It would be hard to take him on vacations or expect him to stay confined for long.

Blog readers know that Tomlin is a service dog in training for our daughter. The problem is that an Australian Shepherd is ill-suited for a college dorm or an apartment. They like to run and need lots of space. Huskies like to run too. But for them, a couple of long walks each will satisfy them.

Basically, it was important to us that we find out what kind of dog Tomlin is (besides loveable). To do that, we turned to DDC Veterinary. They do all sorts of dog breed DNA testing as well as testing for equine, avian and feline.

DDC Veterinary had an impressive database. It was the largest that I looked at. Plus, the testing was simple.
If you are thinking of dog breed DNA testing I wholeheartedly recommend DDC Veterinary. Find out more on the website at

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