Sunday, May 24, 2009

Car Concerns Is Heard World-Wide Now !!!: Car Consulting Working With Chrysler Affected Dealers

It's good news to hear that an organized group of dealers is tacking Chrysler head-on. Years ago, my Plymouth Horizon was purchased from Harry Lane as was my husband's Tourismo. Later, we went on to purchase a Dodge Dakota pick up truck and a P.T. Cruiser.

I have loved our Chryslers. We have plans to drive the PT Cruiser to Alaska next month. I love everything about my little car.

What I don't love is Chrysler's decision to sever ties with people who have been dealers for years. To me, that decision does a lot to bolster brand loyalty for drivers of Toyota, Ford, or other brands. But it doesn't do a thing to help me feel valued as a loyal Chrysler customer.

The economy is a mess. That's something everyone can agree on. When it will heal is anyone's guess. The only thing I know is that this is the wrong time to be cutting jobs. It's a worse time to be making drivers question what our next car purchase is going to be and that is what cutting the ties to the local Chrysler dealerships means to me.

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