Monday, May 25, 2009

Cheap movies at Carmike in LaFollette, Tennessee

Cheap movies in the Caryville, Jacksboro area of Tennessee mean going to the Carmike Movies in LaFollette. It is literally the only theater in town and it offers cheap movies. Since we live in the area, we visit this place most often. Why drive into town unless you're celebrating something special? The Carmike Movie theater in LaFollette is extremely affordable, has plenty of parking and is right behind the Pizza Hut on the main highway.

Instead of some of the theaters in Knoxville, the Carmike Movie theater in LaFollette has only 2 screens. It's obviously an older theater. The place is a little run down and could use some new carpet. Perhaps why it's only $11 for two movie tickets, a popcorn and two drinks?

Showtimes and listings are available online. The staff at Carmike Movies in LaFollette was peppy and fun while we were there. Staff give the impression that they hope you enjoy the visit. How many places really act like they care these days? The service alone was a pleasant change of pace. Like with any theater, you will sometimes find staff who aren't running at top form. So far, I've found that to be the rule instead of the exception.

It isn't Regal Theater at Turkey Creek but then what is? Seating was in comfortable stadium seats. This place offers cheap movies at an unbeatable price, good popcorn and nice staff. We'll gladly be back again.

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