Saturday, May 30, 2009

Gouffon Moving and Storage Our Experience

Gouffon Moving and Storage in Knoxvile, Tennessee is going to be the moving company we use next time.

Hubby is in a line of work that requires frequent moves. I hate moving. For his job, it is a necessary evil. This last move came out of left field and just about knocked us off of our feet. We were physically and emotionally spent. The last thing we wanted to do was get estimates from moving companies in the Knoxville area.

Enter Gouffon Moving and Storage. They were the 3rd company we called and the first to respond promptly. They arrived in our home as scheduled to give us a written estimate. The men who came to load the furniture arrived on time, were very professional and had us loaded in no time.

When the date and time came to unload we again had no worries. Plus, Gouffon Moving and Storage made sure that our beds, dresser and mirror were put together and ready to use. The men even moved our furniture to my satisfaction.

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  1. so good to meet you today! i looked like death warmed over, but oh well!

    i hope you all had many visitors and they bought a ton!