Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Three Rivers Cornmeal Now in the Obituary Section

I am shocked to learn of the death of Three Rivers Cornmeal. Shocked and angry. For 75 years, Three Rivers Cornmeal has been a staple in the homes of Knoxville. Almost 4 generations of happy Southerners grew up on the corn meal and passed that preference on to our children.

Using Three Rivers Cornmeal was a source of pride among the people of the South. We are a people who still believe in Sunday covered dish dinners and all-day-preaching with dinner on the grounds. We are a people who believedd that almost any illness can be cured with stuffed eggs, fried okra and cornbread. And we believed that the cornbread had to be Three Rivers Cornmeal.

It's not that other cornmeal isn't good. It's just that they aren't as good. The cornbread made by the competing companies just doesn't have the same texture or flavor as Three Rivers Cornmeal.

Our happy allusions were shattered this week. That's when word broke out that the J.M. Smucker's Company perceived back in March that Three Rivers Cornmeal was on life support and decided to pull the plug.

But Southerners still believe in hope. Those of us who don't have hope believe in corporate greed. Three Rivers Cornmeal has a solid base of fans who love the product and would buy it under almost any circumstances.

Bigger companies have gotten started from less. This might be just the occasion for someone to buy the recipe and start another Three Rivers Cornmeal.

Read more in Mary Constantine's article in the Knoxville News Sentinel.


  1. It will be hard to say goodbye
    to an old friend like Three Rivers

  2. White Lily brand is the same formula. It was marketed as Three Rivers in TN and KY. I checked the ingredients on the labels - exactly the same!

  3. It may have been marketed as the same but it is not the same thing. White Lily cornmeal is a finer grind. No comparison when you've had the best. Can't believe the company would pull the plug on a product that is so popular.

  4. Petition to save Three Rivers brand.


    Please support our cause and help to save our most loved product.

  5. I have used three Rivers for years and years ...what am I to do ! I always make my dressing and cornbread out of three rivers everyone always prasies mine and I know it's because of the cornmeal. I am saddened and shocked at the fact something so wonderful passed down over our years is gone .
    Gloria Hines of NC.

  6. My turkey dressing will never be the same....it was awful this past year because I could not find Three Rivers....what a horrible loss...none other compares!!!!

  7. What are we suppose to do, to replace it? If it was use by so may people, why get rid of it. We been a delicated family member for 50 years using it.

    Jackie Henson, Clyde,N.C.

  8. I have about 4 cups left from frozen stock. I say Boycott Smuckers (who bought White Lily and then killed Three Rivers--and they own Folgers, too) and let's find something local. I'm planning to try the Old Mill brand for Christmas, but Thanksgiving is ruined.