Friday, June 12, 2009

Alaska Bound in our PT Cruiser

It's official. We are on the way to Alaska. The PT Cruiser is packed and on the road. As I type this we are at the McDonald's at Exit 29 off of I-65 in Indiana.

A few people have commented on the "Alaska or Bust" that my younger daughter wrote on our windows. Everyone's been very nice. Most people are surprised to find out that we are going so far 1) in a small car, 2) as a mother-daughter team.

So far, the traveling has been painless. It rained around the Lexington area. There was a traffic delay getting on I-65 outside of Louisville, Kentucky. Certainly it was nothing to complain about. We'll be back on the road in a few minutes. I just wanted to pop onto the internet for a minute while we had WI-FI.

See you in Alaska!

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  1. Gayle...I'm so glad you're keeping us son-in-law wouldn't even let me and Jess and the boys go to Myrtle Beach...wait 'till I tell him you and your daughter are headed to ALASKA!!! Have a blessed, safe trip!!!