Monday, June 22, 2009

Hanging Insulation

Today was my first experience with hanging insulation. There were two different kinds to be placed. First, the guys had to come in to blow insulation. Then, a wall of blanketing was put over what was blown.

In the evening we met with Fran Lynch. She is the missionary to Willow UMC and serves the Anvik-Grayling circuit. She told us more about Alaska life and the people that she helps.

It was interesting to learn that in 2009 that people live in areas which are inaccessible by car. There are no roads. It is either travel by air, dog sled or boat. The kids in one village mostly go to high school at a boarding school. Not because the parents are rich but because that is where the school is.

I can't imagine having to send my daughters to boarding school so they can complete high school. That must be hard on families.

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