Saturday, June 20, 2009

We're here!

We're here at the airport. I just posted an article about driving in.

Today, we crossed the US/Canadian border. We arrived at Willow, Alaska and met missionary Fran Lynch at Willow United Methodist Church. This was God. Our cell phones still do not work. We tried calling from Wendy's in Wasilla but did not get through. She did not know when we were coming and was actually in her car about to leave when we pulled up at about 1:00 pm, local time.

This was a double blessing. Not only were we able to unload the car but we received 2 pieces of vital information. One is that the flight schedule of the team has been changed. They are now due to arrive at 6:00 pm local time instead of 6:44 pm.

Driving time is the other tidbit. We've been told consistently that the church is about 45 minutes from Anchorage. Now, we are told to allow 2 hours for the drive to the airport.

This gave us 2 hours to unpack and clean up the car and get some badly needed rest before arriving.

Now, we find out that the flight has been delayed to the originally projected time. We're sitting in the baggage claim. I can't believe how God has provided for us to make it.

Soon, the team will be here and we'll be on our way. Life, although hectic and full of challenges, is very very good.

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