Sunday, August 23, 2009

About Gayle Crabtree and Youve Been Reviewed

This blog is about restaurant and products reviewed by Gayle Crabtree. She writes the reviews from the standpoint of the average wife, mom and friend. The reviews strive to be accurate representations of the time spent at the restaurant or of the product she has reviewed.

Gayle Crabtree is a nonprofit director. She is also the author of Does God Still Love Me and Secondhand Hope. When not busy with these pursuits Gayle enjoys freelance writing and speaking to groups. In June 2009, she and her daughter took the mother-daughter trip of a lifetime. They traveled by car to Willow, Alaska from East Tennessee. Along the way, she wrote reviews and will be updating this blog as accordingly.

Gayle also maintains The Hope Blog by Hope for Healing.Org at

To learn more about Gayle read this blog or email her at youvebeenreviewed (at) gmail. com.

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