Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Being Frugal on Trips and at Home

Being frugal doesn't mean having no fun. It means saving money where you can so that you can have fun without worry. Since coming back from Alaska several people have asked how we afforded the trip. We did it through a combination of fundraising and being frugal with what we have.

To save money we camped. True, there was the initial expense of $48.00 plus tax for a tent, $30 for air mattresses and $15 for a shower bag. We already had sleeping bags and most everything else. Since we didn't need services two campgrounds allowed us to stay for free. Our gear paid for itself the first night and continued to save us money during the trip.

Small things add up. Instead of buying bottled water on the way we bought a case of 30 for $4.00. To keep them cold we froze some bottles. The cooled the other bottles as they thawed.

Eating out of cooler helped. This works at home too. It's cheaper and healthier than eating lunches out.

There are lots of ways to be frugal on trips and at home. For more ideas check out these websites.

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