Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Photo of Hail in Powell, TN 8/4/2009

My daughter snapped this photo this afternoon. We were in Powell, TN when a sudden hailstorm popped out of nowhere. By the time the storm moved on the electricity was out from the hospital to past Shoney's.

It knocked out traffic lights and generally caused inconveniences in Powell. Fortunately, there was no major damage that we saw. Drivers were courteous and there were no traffic incidents while we were there.

Earlier this week Safelite Auto Glass came to fix my windshield. Our little trip to Alaska had left us with chips. While it was hailing all I could think about was the recent repair. Fortunately, the storm didn't last long before moving out of Powell, TN.

The hail ranges from pea sized to up to a dime. Not something you want falling on any windshield (much less one that's newly repaired!) We're glad it held! :0)

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