Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Photos of the Signpost Forest on the Alaska Hwy.

I'm getting fussed at for not posting more photos of the trip to Alaska. Most of you know that this was the mother-daughter trip of a lifetime for my daughter and myself. Several of you have written and said that they wish they could take such a trip.

Chance are that you can. Your mother-daughter trip of a lifetime doesn't have to be to Alaska. It might be a weekend trip to a cabin by the lake or maybe a visit to the ocean.

What makes a mother-daughter trip of a lifetime is the opportunity to spend time together learning about one another and bonding. That's it. Whether it is a trip to Alaska or a trip to the next town, you can make your next vacation your own mother-daughter trip of a lifetime.

These photos are of the world famous Signpost Forest in Watson Lake, Yukon. It's at mile marker 635 on the Alaska Hwy. The "forest" was started by a homesick soldier and has been added to through the decades.

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