Monday, August 10, 2009

Wolseley, Saskatchewan Swinging Bridge A Step Back in Time

The sign for the Wolseley Saskatchewan Swinging Bridge caught our attention. Neither I nor my daughter had been on a swinging bridge since a tense field trip her kindergarten year. The spirit of adventure that marked this trip encouraged us to make the stop.

The bridge itself was a thing to behold. It was an engineering wonder that spread over a small lake. It was a beautiful summer day. The sky was a perfect shade of blue. Birds called to one another overhead.

Standing before the Wolseley Swinging Bridge was like stepping back in time to become part of a Norman Rockwell painting. Children played nearby with a sense of innocence that is rare these days. A group of preteen adolescent boys raced on thier bicycles to reach their destination. Fishing poles swung in the breeze as the boys pedaled as hard as they could in hopes of outdoing each other.

Wolseley, Saskatchewan is a picture of a simpler place. The swinging bridge was a reminder of a kinder gentler era. My daughter grasped hold of the railing and climbed on. She enjoyed looking out at the lake and neither of us seemed to want the moment to pass.

All too soon it was time to say goodbye. Our stop at the Wolseley Swinging Bridge is now just a fond memory of a beautiful place in a beautiful moment.

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