Saturday, September 05, 2009

Free Vistaprint Business Cards Product Review

I've had several people ask where I buy my business cards. They are almost always surprised when my response is "Vistaprint". They're printed on heavy glossy card stock. These catchy black and gold cards definitely spark attention.

If you have been anywhere in the internet you have probably seen advertisements for free business cards from Vistaprint. The ad
s certainly caught my eye. But, I was skeptical. Can Vistaprint really give away cards and would they be any good.

Then, a friend of mine ordered from Vistaprint. She liked the cards and gave me one. This was years ago. Since then, I have made several orders and have been consistently pleased.

The free cards have a Vistaprint advertising on the back. You guessed it. The only way to get cards without that advertising is to upgrade. Fortunately, the upgrades are very reasonable. For full color cards and shipping my last run cost just over $16.

Vistaprint beat the other print shops hands down for price. The quality of the cards is good and the shipping time was lightening fast.

Another nice thing about Vistaprint is that you can benefit charity with your order. By clicking thier link on iGive (or by downloading the iGive toolbar) a tiny percentage of the purchas
e can go to benefit the charity you choose. And, it won't cost see a differenence on your total.

My donation for this purchase was .63. It's not much, but it's another great reason to use Vistaprint.