Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Make Money on Twitter

Make money with your Twitter posts (called Tweets) by signing up for Sponsored Tweets or a similar  company. You can choose messages that are relevant to your and drop the ones that aren't. Travel themes, products that I use and shows that I like are the messages that I accept most often from Sponsored Tweets.

TinyUrl came riding to our rescue and remains a popular service to use. came later. The short urls direct traffic to the longer urls but they have the advantage of being customizable, easier to remember or share on social networking sites. I like using Bit.Ly and TinyUrl to tweet out links to my travel articles. This helps my followers learn about getaway and vacation destinations they might otherwise have missed.

Some url shortening services can help you make money. Use them to shorten long urls before tweeting them to your friends. Sites like AdFly and others offer this opportunity. To make money on Twitter, choosing a company with a good reputation is essential. Read reviews before signing up for any company.

Linkbee is a company that pays you to use their link shortening service. After creating an account, you choose the type of ads that you want. These can can be in the form of Linkbee banner ads at the top of the page or be Interstitial.
I've tried it and received mixed results.

As points out, not everything is rosy with link shortening services that help you make money on Twitter. This TechJournal South article provides a good warning. People visit my blog for travel information, road trip ideas and to research possible vacation destinations. They don't want to want an ad before getting to the article they need.

If a company that provides the short url goes under, then it leaves a broken trail that may be impossible to fix. You may lose revenue because ads on short urls that pay you can be maddening.Who wants to visit a travel blog that displays annoying banner ads? Not me. 

I'll stick with turning my long urls into short ones with companies like and TinyUrl. They provide good service. The trackable results from the companies tell me which articles my readers like. This way I can develop content that is relevant to your next vacation and leave off what you don't want to read.

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