Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Southern Speak Terms and Culture by a Native Southerner

Some of you may be catching my latest articles on Associated Content. In the articles on Southern Culture and understand I have attempted to describe life as I live it. I've talked about some of the stories that were told to me by my grandmother and mother and defined terms. My intent is not for this to be a scholarly work but simply a recollection of what I was told and by whom. The articles are light and fun. Read them. You'll get a kick out of them.

The three part series on Southern culture and how to speak like a Southerner can be found under this link How to Speak Like a Southerner Part 3

I'd love to hear about anything that these articles didn't cover. There is too much in Southern culture to be contained in three articles and a blog post. Please, don't be shy about leaving your comments.

Being a part of Southern culture and learning how to speak Southern is a fun way to approach life. There's nothing quite like living in the South!

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