Thursday, October 29, 2009

Calhoun's West Knoxville Farragut, TN

At the Calhoun's in Farragut, Hubby and I had one of the best meals that we have had in a long time. It's not that the meal was the most expensive or the fanciest. That wasn't what made it so great. It was the right combination of good food (served hot) plus friendly service at a reasonable cost that went into making this such a memorable meal.

We arrived not long after the ball game started. Both Hubby and myself expected the Calhoun's in Farragut to be packed with loudly cheering customers. Instead, it was nice and quiet. Actually, we were one of the few couples in the restaurant. It appeared that everyone else went to the game. We got a lot of undivided attention!

Our server at the Calhoun's in Farragut was spot-on for the entire meal. Our tea glasses never ran dry. Plates were cleared. She was friendly and efficient. There aren't too many servers like her around much. Calhoun's in West Knoxville should do their best to keep this little gem from the Hawaiian islands. She's worth the effort.

The appetizer that we decided to from the Calhoun's in Farragut was the Beer Cheese with Pretzels. Served hot, the beer cheese is a dipping cheese similar in consistency to nacho cheese. It has a tangy flavor. Accompanying the cheese is 7, 1" thick soft pretzels. These are the kind that you would find from a concessionaire at the county fair. A small cup of mustard comes on the side. The flavors work well together. It is my favorite appetizer by far and is the only Calhoun's where we have found the pretzels instead of chips.

Next up was a basket of bread. We had a biscuit, two pieces of garlic toast and a cornbread muffin. Like the appetizer these were served hot. I had a small bite of each. They were very tasty.

Our entrees were out before I was finished tasting the bread. Service was that quick at this day the Calhoun's in Farragut. There are many tempting items on the menu. These include barbeque, chicken and steaks. On this day, we just ordered burgers.

The burgers were hot. My cheese was melted to the side of the meat without running over. The criisp side of french fries were hot and tasty. The lettuce was cool to the touch. Food allergies prohibit me from eating onions and the burger was properly served without them.

Hubby indicated that his burger was also good and that he enjoyed his fries. The cost for the meal was just under $40 plus tip.

All in all, we had a very pleasant meal at the Calhoun's in Farragut. It was a job well done.


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