Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Dine with Your Dog Pet Friendly Dining Comes to Knoxville

Knoxville really is well on the way to being the most pet friendly place in the US and possibly on earth. When I heard that the Knox County health department will allow dogs on outdoor patios I just had to chuckle. We've not tried that yet and are waiting for the next pretty day to take Tomlin out to eat.

For us, dining at a pet friendly Knoxville restaurant is a chance for Tomlin to sharpen his skills as a service dog. For other people, it's a chance to go out to eat with their beloved family member. Pets add so much to our lives and ask virtually nothing in return except for love and a little attention.

Technically speaking, service dogs have always been allowed in Knoxville restaurants. The looks and stares that you get may or may not make the experience worth it. Now that pet friendly dining is in Knoxville life is definitely going to be easier for those of us with families members who need a service dog.

Knoxville is working hard on becoming more pet friendly. I just have to wonder if that won't also help us become more disabled friendly too. Eventually, time will tell.

We've been on the phone to verify that some restaurants are pet friendly. Click here for a blog entry with a partial list.

More information:
Pet Friendliest Community


  1. Gayle, as you take advantage of Knoxville's dog friendly dining options please add them to Fido Factor. We are a new dog friendly site and iPhone app. Currently we our coverage is mostly in San Francisco and Boston but we are working on full national coverage. Our site is based on user generated reviews and submissions so we need people like you! We also support the SPCA and other rescue groups. www.fidofactor.com

  2. Thanks. I checked out your website. Looks good!