Sunday, October 11, 2009

East Tennessee Nonprofit Hope for Has Chance to Win $50,000!

The East Tennessee nonprofit Hope for Healing.Org has a chance to win $50,000. To do so they have to win the America's Giving Challenge on Facebook. They just joined the race today but I think they have a good shot at it - if everyone can pitch in to help. Giving details are on their Facebook cause page.

Tragically, the economy forced Hope for Healing.Org to close the doors of its Ministry Center in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee last month. From this rural center they helped victims of sexual and dometsic violence, distributed free clothing and household items, maintained a small food pantry and served as the only Restorative Justice worksite in the 37871 zip code!

Through volunteers and no paid staff, lives were changed and hope was restored but funding wasn't there to sustain the program expenses of rent and utilities.

Winning the $50,000 will guarantee the reopening of the ministry center. A few small pieces of property are available. Advertisements and sponsorships that are now on the website will help with long-term sustainability and operating expenses of the program.

To win the $50,000 Hope for Healing.Org will have to get the most donations to their cause. Supporters can give as little as $10. Just as importantly, we can also tell others about the opportunity to give and encourage our friends to join their cause. We all have tons of friends on Facebook. Let's see if they will join us in helping this organization.

The cause page will let us know how Hope for is doing. They also have the chance to win daily prizes of $1,000 or $500. It''s all based on how many donations they get. How often do you get the chance to spend $10 to help an organization get $50,000? I've never had the opportunity before. Have you? Let's see if we can join together to help them.

More information:

See the Hope for Healing.Org cause page here.
Donate to them here.
View the website for Hope for Healing.Org here.

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