Saturday, October 24, 2009

Firehouse Subs Emory Rd. Powell, TN Youve Been Reviewed

Lunch at the Firehouse Subs on Emory Road in Powell, TN today was one of the most unique restaurant experiences that I have ever had. John and I visited there for lunch. The sandwiches were served fresh and hot. No problems with food quality there. John's Italian sub was perfectly made. He said it tasted great.

My Firehouse Sub was a different story. Piled on top of the meat and cheese was a nice bed of onion. I'm allergic and had asked them to hold these items. (I also asked them to hold the tomato. That's just because I don't like it.) Since the onion issue is a food allergy, I can't just pick off the offending item and eat the rest of the meal.

So, I took the Firehouse Sub sandwich back to the cashier. He promised to have a replacement out in a jiffy and he did. Unfortunately, this one was on the wrong bread. I started to keep it anyway but didn't. The employee said it would only take a few minutes to get a correct sandwich out to me. I said ok and waited. In a few minutes the first employee came back with sandwich #3. I had to look at it and laugh. Guess what? This one had tomatoes on it. At least I could pick those off (which is exactly what I did).

Once I finally got to eat my Firehouse Sub I can honestly say it was among the best deli sandwiches that I've had. (Except for locally owned Nixons of course.)  But I'm not sure that next time I'll want to go through 3 sandwiches and still have them get it wrong.

The manager was apologetic. Apparently the server noticed that I was furiously picking bits and pieces off my Firehouse Subs sandwich. He offered another one but there was no way I was going to wait for #4. (What happend to the 3rd time being the charm anyway?) The manager did give me a coupon for a free sandwich. It's good on my next trip to Firehouse Subs. That was nice but something tells me to give it some time before going back.

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