Friday, October 02, 2009

Is World Smile Day Celebrated in Knoxville?

For those who didn't know, today is World Smile Day! It's the one day that is designed to bring a smile to your face. I've had one burning thought as I ran around Knoxville getting my errands done. That thought is "Is World Smile Day Celebrated in Knoxville?"

I smiled from ear-to-ear as I greeted Hubby with a very cheery. "Happy World Smile Day!" John smiled back at me and calmly suggested that a caffeine reduction might be appropriate. (He must have gotten today mixed up with National Coffee Day back in September.)

My cell phone rang. I greeted the caller with a peppy "Happy World Smile Day". The voice on the other end quivered and asked "Mom, are you ok. You sound funny"? She didn't sound any less anxious when I asked if she was celebrating World Smile Day. She just asked if her dad was with me and if she could speak to him. College kids. They just don't have the sense of humor that they used to.

Throughout my day in Knoxville I wished people a Happy World Smile Day. And guess what? People smiled back. Ok, I did have to explain to a couple of folks that World Smile Day really is a legitimate day.

It was founded by Mr. Harvey Ball. Back in 1963 he was commissioned to come up with a simple logo that would improve company morale. If you guessed that it is a bright yellow smiley face you would be correct. This logo proved to be so popular that a foundation was started in the late 1990's. Now World Smile Day is celebrated annually on the first Friday in October.

The idea behind World Smile Day is simple. You do something nice for someone else just to make them smile. That's it. Pure and simple.

In this day and age of stress building headlines and crazy lives we can use a few more smiles. If you get the chance to celebrate World Smile Day in Knoxville please do so. It's easy. It's fun and it will make people wonder what you've been up to.

Now that makes you smile doesn't it? Happy World Smile Day!

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