Sunday, October 18, 2009

My Copyright Infringement Policy

This policy is effective October 18, 2009 and replaces the previous policy.

Copyright Infringement is serious. There is no excuse to steal someone else's work and post it to your blog or website as your own. Like most writers, I work hard to develop SEO content that will draw an audience and write for several different companies. Like most writers, this is how I make money to pay for bills and prescriptions or donate to charity. So please, think twice before posting my content to your blog or website without permission. If you do use my work please email me in advance to explore reciprocal linking options or other possibilities.

Before you copy and paste my work onto your website you should be aware of the following:

Up to three lines of text may be used if, and only if, a link from that work links back to the website or blog page that it appeared on originally. You are also required to notify me that you are using my text within 24 hours from the time and day when it was placed on your page or other site on the internet.  

Please note that your choice to use of any of my articles or blog entries on your website indicates your willing agreement to be bound by the terms of this article.

If you don't, then I shall assume that you have chosen to rent my work at the following rates and conditions.

A monthly non-exclusive user fee of $150.00 for each month that my work appears on your website. This time period will be calculated from the date that appears on your post or, in the rare case that a date cannot be determined, you agree to be pay from January 1 of the year that the work was discovered. The work is billed per month and runs from the first day of the month to 11:59 pm on the last day of the month. Payment can be made by PayPal to or by money order.

A flat 4% late payment fee for funds not received by the 10th of the month will be added for every month the payments are not made.

Additional fees such as collection costs may be assessed and added to the above totals.

If you have any questions about this policy please contact 

Thank you.

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