Sunday, October 04, 2009

Pet Friendly Dinner Spots in Knoxville, Tennessee

The quest of Knoxville, Tennessee to become the most pet friendly town in the nation got a boost earlier this month. The health department announced that pets will now be allowed on restaurant patios across the city. Many Knoxville restaurants are willing to jump on board and allow pets, but not all. Before you get ready to hit the dining trail with Fido there are a couple of things that you should know.

First, pet friendly dining in Knoxville doesn't have to be free. Restaurants are allowed to charge a fee of up to $5.

Pets are expected to be well behaved. Knoxville diners who eat out with their pets may be asked to leave if the pet becomes a nuisance.

It goes without saying that pet owners are required to be responsible. This means keeping your pet on a leash and picking up anything that your pet leaves behind. It is always advisable to bring your own litter bag, just in case.

Call ahead to verify that the Knoxville restaurant where you want to dine will be pet friendly. Restaurants do have the option to refuse or to set certain hours. So far, every restaurant we've called has been on board and even excited about the idea. That doesn't mean every restaurant will follow suit. To be sure, it's always best to call ahead.

So what Knoxville restaurants will allow pet friendly dining on the patio? Just about every restaurant that I phoned was willing to accept pets. While I haven't gotten around to calling everyone yet here are a few that I did speak with. If you know of other Knoxville restaurants that will accept pets please add them in the comments section below.

Pet Friendly Dining in Knoxville

McAlister's Deli at the Shops at Deane Hill
Aubrey's, Cedar Bluff
Firehouse Subs, Cumberland Ave.
Rita's Water Ice, Market Square Mall
Stir Fry Cafe, Kingston Pike
Silver Spoon American Cafe', Kingston Pike
Panera Bread, Broadway
Mellow Mushroom, Cumberland Ave.


  1. Pelanchos in Downtown West has the best dog-friendly patio in town. They have water bowls, poop scooping materials,etc. The floor is tile, it has a roof over it, but is outside the restaurant. Separate entrance, well marked.

  2. Sounds fabulous! Pelanchos is on my list to review but I've not been able to get down there yet. I will definitely have to go soon. Thanks for letting me know. :0)