Monday, November 09, 2009

Restaurant Review Sitar Indian Cusine Knoxville, TN

My Family decided to try Sitar Indian Cuisine for the first time about a month ago. We initially decided to try their lunch buffet. This was so good that we decided to go back for dinner. Here is the contact information for the restaurant.

Sitar Indian Cusine
6004 Kingston Pk.
Knoxville, TN 37919
Phone: 865.588.1828
Fax: 865.588.1830

If you are unfamiliar with Indian food the buffet is a good first choice. The items were labeled so you can tell more about what you are eating. It made for an educational and fun lunch. That may be why it was voted the "Best Buffet" in 2008 by readers of the Metro Pulse newspaper in Knoxville.

Dinner was a treat. Hubby and I took my daughter and her boyfriend. The meals that we ordered included mild Chicken Curry ($9.95), Lamb Fraizee ($12.95) and Chicken Karahai ($10.95) Drinks included water and iced tea. This came with an appetizer of Papadum Bread and two sauces. We also decided to an order of Garlic Naan ($2.95)

The cracker-like Papadum was a dry crisp bread. The condiments were a mint spread and onion relish. It was interesting and flavorful

Our delicious entrees were served hot. My husband and I both enjoyed the Chicken Curry. It had a mild hotness that left a slow burn in your mouth. It was not overpowering, although I do think if we had ordered the  spicier version it would have been too spicy for me. The kids attacked their dishes with gusto. Both reported that the lamb and chicken dish tasted great.

At Sitar Indian Cuisine, entrees were served with rice as a side item. This was served family style from a single platter. It was up to you to decide to try the entrees over the rice or as a side. The rice was firm but tender and worked well with the chicken curry and sauce.

Our server did a good job keeping up with the refills. The food at Sitar is authentic. Don't expect English to be the natural language of the server. She was very nice. When it came to answering questions there were some language and accent barriers. For those who enjoy ethnic dining this is part of the experience. Exposure to culture, food and decor is to be enjoyed.

Total cost for dinner was $60.00 with tip. It was a fun place to eat and would make a nice romantic spot for couples.

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