Tuesday, December 29, 2009

The Beading Answer Book Review

The Beading Answer Book pictured below has been a great reference to have. My daughter gave it to me and I just love it!

It's useful for those who are new to beading and to old hands alike. There are no photos but all of the diagrams are well done. One of the best things about the book are the detailed instructions. This makes it easy to learn new styles or brush up on what you already know. Inside, you'll also find information on tools, types of wire and beads and more.

The Beading Answer Book has been helpful even though I've been creating beaded jewelry for years. The chapters are laid out in a logical order and easy to find. The front page of each chapter is on a bright orange background.

Since it's relatively small, The Beading Answer Book is perfect for tossing into a purse or backpack. Reading it makes passing time in a doctor's office easier.

Beading Answer Book
Karen Morris

Available through the Amazon link below.

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