Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I Need Extra Money for Christmas. Do you?

Making extra money for Christmas is on everyone's mind this month. Frugal gifts help stretch the budget but extra cash is still welcome. These ideas have helped me make Christmas a little easier. If you are looking for a little extra green this holiday season these tips may help you too.

Make extra money for Christmas idea #1
Host a sale.
Having a yard sale or bake sale is often the first thing people think of to raise money. This tried and true method works any time of year. A sale can be easy to set up. Advertising ususally consists of posters and/or a newspaper ad.

Make extra money for Christmas idea #2
Sell online.
Put unwanted items on Craigslist or eBay or sell crafts on Etsy. Both eBay and Etsy will charge fees. You will be responsible for shipping the items in a timely manner and for accurately describing your product. A Pay Pal account is almost essential for eBay and Etsy.

Make extra money for Christmas idea #3
Write online. Associated Content will pay between $2-$4 upfront for articles that meet their criteria. Articles on Factoidz will earn residual income on a page view basis. It's no secret that the more you write the more money you make.It's best to start well ahead of when you might need the money. 

You won't get rich with either company but the money does add up. For example, writing 4 articles daily that earn $2.50 each will net you an extra $300 at the end of the month. Plus each article will earn residual income based on the number of page views you receive. Click the links for more about each company.

Make extra money for Christmas idea #4
Take a temporary seasonal job.
Some companies are still hiring for seasonal help. A few companies only need extra hands for the week before Christmas. Search the want ads or call retailers to inquire.

Make extra money for Christmas Idea #5
Sell services
Can you wrap presents, sit with the elderly or watch children? If so, you may have a ready made stream for some extra money for Christmas. Use word of mouth advertising. The people who know you best are most likely to hire you or recommend you. Tell your friends, your pastor, your co-workers.

Make extra money for Christmas Idea #6
Sell your books.
Take your used books, CDs and DVDs to a used bookstore near you. Some bookstores will give you cash for these items. Others may allow you trade for newer titles that could be used for Christmas presents.

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