Friday, December 04, 2009

Midas Brakes Knoxville, Tennessee Business Review

Midas Brakes Knoxville, Tennessee business review.

It was coming for awhile but yesterday it finally happened. I had to have the brakes replaced on my car. Normally, Hubby takes care of this but he's been swamped. Fortunately, a sign for Midas Brakes on Kingston Pike caught my eye. I phoned them and set up an appointment. Things couldn't have been smoother.

Midas has changed over the years. I normally associate them with mufflers. What a pleasure it was to find out they do brakes (a $69.99 special right now for most cars), fuel pumps, shocks, struts and almost any other car repair that you might need.

One of the nicest things about Midas Brakes is that they get your approval before any additional work is done. We thought my car only needed pads. Wrong! It needed additional work that tripled the brakepad only cost. Hubby thought it seemed expensive until we got a price quote from somewhere else.

The guys at Midas in Knoxville had me back on the road in just a couple of hours. They test drove the car and made sure it was right before they turned it back over to me. The repair for brakes, rotors and doing something to the calipers was $325 with tax. A $10 coupon from the website helped ease the pain a little.

Another thing I appreciated about Midas Brakes in Knoxville was their cozy waiting room. It could have been anyone's living room. The overstuffed leather couch was comfortable, an assortment of magazines were neatly laid out on the coffee table and a nice sized TV was on the wall.

A very helpful touch at the Midas Brakes  in Knoxville was the wireless internet. This kept my downtime to a minimum. I was able to make my story deadline with no problem.

The brakes work well and my car seems to drive better. With a quality cost-efficient  repair, friendly staff, wireless internet and a comfortable waiting room, you can bet I'll be back! Thanks Midas in Knoxville.

Contact information for Midas Brakes in Knoxville is as follows:
10025 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, TN 37922

Phone: 865-691-5005

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