Sunday, January 31, 2010

Is a Straight Talk Cell Phone Good for East Tennessee Service

Since writing the article about Straight Talk cell phones awhile back I've been almost inundated with questions. I switched to this provider in early December. For $45 per month you get unlimited talk, text, mobile web and free unlimited 411.

The number one thing that people want to know is if a Straight Talk cell phone has good coverage for East Tennessee. The cell phone service uses Verizon towers. In theory, you should get service anywhere a Verizon customer gets a signal. Hubby has that service and so far the theory has been accurate.

Here's what I know based on where I've traveled with the phone.

Straight Talk works along the I-75 interstate from Richlands, KY to Chattanooga. It also works off of the interstate in Berea, KY.
Campbell Co. - Good service from Caryville to Lafollette
Anderson Co. - Good service going to and through Oak Ridge.
Knox Co. - Good service
Jefferson Co - Good service.
Sevier Co. - Good service.
Athens - Good service.
Sweetwater - Good service.
Cleveland - Good service.
Chattanooga - Good service.
Dalton, GA - Good service

The phone I use is the LG220C which cost about $40. A full coverage map is available online. It's interesting that the map shows no coverage for the Berea, KY area. While visiting Berea I have tried every feature the Straight Talk plan offers. So far, no problems.

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